Star Trek: The Future Begins

Episode Guide

Season 1 of Star Trek: The Future Begins

Episode 101 – “Boldly Go”
The fur flies as LT Beckett loses his shirt, and Midshipman “Dee” Lu takes command. (Unaired pilot.)

Episode 102 – “A Bump in the Night”
A strange sensor contact leads the crew of the Aries to a terrifying discovering on a derelict Klingon ship.
Air date: 8/9/2012

Episode 103 – “Stopping at the Beast”
The crew of the USS Aries discovers survivors of a lost expedition.

Episode 104 – “Echo Game”
A routine visit to a listening station turns out to be anything but routine.

Episode 105 -

Episode 106 -

Episode 107 -

Episode 108 -

Episode 109 -

Episode 110 -

Episode 111 -

Episode 112 – “Where Legends Die”
The explosive season finale of Star Trek: Destinies!


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