William Edward Beckett


William Edward (“Beck”) Beckett is the oldest child of William John Beckett and Elizabeth Tucker. (Note: Elizabeth benefits from Vulcan ageing, there is a significant, but largely unnoticeable age gap between her and “Will”.)
Born: April 1, 2222 St. Albans, Earth

Assignment History

Graduated Starfleet Academy, June 2242
Cadet Cruise: USS Tiberius (Hyperion class) under Captain Robert April
Assignment 2243-2245 USS Saladin (Saladin class), Engineering under Captain H. Nogura
Assignment 2245-2247 Instructor Duty: Starfleet Academy, attended Department Head School
Assignment 2247-2249 USS Enterprise (Constitution class) under Captain Robert April
Assignment 2249 USS Enterprise – drydock at Utopia Planitia Shipyards Orbital, Mars
Assignment 2249 – 2251 Instructor Duty: Starfleet Academy, attended Command School
Assignment 2251- current Executive Officer, USS Aries (Archer-mkII Scout), under Captain M. April


Born in the picturesque south English town of St.Albans on 1st April 2222 (makes for much tomfoolery on his birthday) to William John Beckett, an power plant design engineer and Elizabeth Tucker, the daughter of Charles “Trip” Tucker and T’Pol of Vulcan. William spent his early years travelling with his father’s work around the world and occasionally off-world before returning to St. Albans for his middle and high school education. A good student, he showed aptitude for the technical and was passionate about Rugby and music, especially Jazz. He completed his college education in Shanghai before enrolling in Starfleet Academy, Inspired in part by his maternal grandparents legacy, a trip in his early teens to visit family on Vulcan and his innate curiosity and desire to do something significant with his life.

William Edward Beckett

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