USS Aries

Archer-Mk II class scout


The USS Aries is an Archer-Mk II class scout. It’s essential mission remains the save, the ability to do long range surveys and move mostly undetected in a manner not possible with larger ships.

The Mark II series of the Archer class makes the ship overall longer by 1.8 meters and wider abeam by just under a meter. This allows for a larger crew compliment, around thirty, and the addition of a torpedo launcher with five torpedoes. The Archer class has proven a versatile ship able to handle a wide variety of assignments. The Mk II expands those capabilities while remaining a low profile vessel.

In 2251 the Aries is under the command of LCDR Madeline April, the eldest daughter of the famed Commodore Robert April. The Aries is her first command after working her way up through Galaxy Exploration Command as a Helmsman.

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USS Aries

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