The Future Begins

Star Trek has been around a long time now, and has been in the imaginations of anyone likely to read this since we were children, in one form or another. The goal of this page is to create a common story, a common vision of what our “Star Trek” universe is like so we can create our own shared stories.

State of Galactic Affairs

The year is 2251 and Captain Christopher Pike is taking the newly refit USS Enterprise out for a five year deep space mission. The Federation and Klingon Empire are at peace. The Romulan Star Empire has not been heard from in twenty years.

The recently promoted LT Beckett has received orders to report to the USS Aries as executive officer, his first space tour since finishing command school. With him are LT Praauw and handful of cadets with orders to report to the frontier for their graduation cruises.

Star Trek General Timeline

The point of departure for the TFB timeline from all existing Trek canon is CMDR Tucker not dying on USS Enterprise’s return from it’s initial mission of discovery. Subsequently he was married to, and and children with, CMDR T’Pol. (These were main characters of the TV series “Star Trek: Enterprise”.)

The story of “Star Trek: The Future Begins” opens in the spring of 2251, with the USS Enterprise launching on a five year mission commanded by Christopher Pike. The story does not focus on the Enterprise’s adventures. Instead, the story focuses on William Edward Beckett, the grandson of T’Pol and Tucker and follows the adventures of the USS Aries.

Visual Aesthetic and Technology

Imagining the future has changed a great deal since 1966 when Star Trek first aired. A number of technologies thought of as futuristic at the time of are now common place – sliding doors, hand held communicators and the digital data pad. As a result, how “the Future” looks will vary from player to player.

Exteriors of spacecraft will be imagined using material related to TOS Trek. Fortunately the internet can provide a good deal of recent art that has been done in this regard.

Interiors can be imagined using the look of Star Trek XI (“The Future Begins” or “Abramsverse”). Elegant, well lit spaces. Computers that have touch interactive screens and multi-use workstations are all part of this approach. These all keep with design principles and ideas of Roddenberry and Jeffries used at the time of the Original Series and keeps within the “spirit of Star Trek”.

Ship Designs

The basics of Roddenberry’s design principles remain – two engines with a clear view of each other, and clearly visible from a fore view. Here is an excellent collection of ships in service in 2251 and slightly before:
The Starfleet Museum

Star Trek: The Future Begins

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